BUTTE, Mont. -

The owner of the house where Butte officials found nearly 100 cats has taken steps to demolish the building.

Earlier this month, Animal Control went into a Delaware Street home in hazardous-materials suits to catch and save the cats.

Officials said the house was in such terrible condition the owner has already spoken with a local contractor to demolish it. Now, the owner has to wait for the utilities like natural gas, electric and water to be turned off.

Health Department officials said it's the right move.

"The extent of the damage associated with the cat waste was to the point where the house could not be cleaned or salvagable, so demolition was his only option," said Health Department Assistant Director Dan Powers.

Powers tells NBC Montana the city will go door-to-door around the neighborhood before the demolition to warn people of the offensive smells that may come from tearing down the home.

Powers said it should take less than two days to demolish the home.