Matt Gray


POSTED: 3:11 PM Jul 10 2013   UPDATED: 4:30 PM Jun 24 2014
Matt Gray

Matt joined the NBC Montana weather team in July 2013 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in meteorology from The Florida State University. This is his first professional position in the weather field and he is excited to begin his career at NBC Montana.

Matt became fascinated with weather while watching thunderstorms during the hot Florida afternoons. The 2004 hurricane season has serious impacts on the Sunshine State, including Matt's hometown of Ocala, FL. It was then that he began to consider meteorology as a career. During his time at FSU, Matt spent summers launching weather balloons in Oklahoma and interning at WHNT TV in Huntsville, Alabama where he decided to pursue a broadcasting career.

Matt is an avid sports fan and follows the New York Mets, New York Giants, and his alma mater's sports teams. He also enjoys outdoor pursuits such as backpacking and plans to spend more time outdoors now that he resides in a place as beautiful as western Montana. In his brief time in Montana, he has covered everything from blizzards to wildfires to severe thunderstorms.

Matt wants to hear from you! Please email him weather photos, weather related story ideas, and any questions or comments you may have. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Lightning strikes tree and gas line in Missoula

Lightning ruptures gas line, starts fire near Missoula home

A lightning strike in a Missoula neighborhood ignited a tree and ruptured a gas line, threatening a nearby home early Wednesday morning.

Point Six Radar, Missoula

Radar upgrade gives faster updates on severe weather

New software cuts update time by 3 minutes.

Idaho Wildfire 2012

Wildfire Prep Week: Recipe for big blaze

NBC Montana looks into what creates big fires.

Smoke from wildfires could affect air quality, according to health officials

Experts address Missoula wildfire smoke

County Health Department has tips to keep you breathing easy

First Alert Forecast: Hot time expected at Missoula Marathon

Temperatures are forecast to reach the 80s by the end of the race.

5th and kemp stop sign

Detours lead to confusion over Missoula stop signs

Changes in traffic patterns mean drivers don't know if they can stop or go.

July weather follows familiar pattern for fires

2014 similar so far to hot, dry start to July of last year

Medstar Helicopter 6/17/2014

Missoula Smokejumpers train on new medevac helicopter

Training aims to get injured firefighters out safely

frontier flight 6/17/2014

Frontier Airlines begins new Missoula flights

Prizes given to passengers, broken tray table delays flight departure

Missoula lightning 6/11/14

Storms, rain spread to Southwest Montana today

Storms shift to the Bozeman area this Friday the 13th

Hamilton Lightning 31 May 2014

Thunderstorms expected on warm Thursday evening

Active weather pattern starts today

MacDonald Pass: 11 June 2014

Wednesday weather: sunny, but changes ahead

Thunderstorms in the forecast for Thursday and Friday

Rain: June 10th, 2014

Slight chance for rain Tuesday

Northwest Montana, Bozeman could pick up a little bit of rain

Highs 9 June 2014

Windy, dry, and warm weather today

It will feel a bit like Summer across Montana

airliner landing

Missoula airport expanding to handle increased flights

New amenities and more parking for cars, planes.