Kevin Bunch

KECI Reporter

POSTED: 9:31 AM Apr 09 2013   UPDATED: 4:21 PM Jun 07 2013

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Kevin was raised in the Treasure Valley of Southern Idaho. He moved to Arcata, California, to attend Humboldt State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Spanish communication.

Kevin interned as a production assistant at for the sports talk show 'Republica Deportiva' at the Spanish broadcasting station, Univision in Miami, FL. After graduating in 2012, Kevin was traveling around western Montana when he fell in love with Missoula. He began his career at KECI in August, 2012, as a technical director for NBC Montana Today. After one month in that position a reporting position opened up and Kevin landed the job. 

Kevin enjoys shooting events in western Montana because it allows him to explore the variety of small towns that are scattered throughout the region. As a news reporter, he appreciates the tight-knit community of nonprofits and small and local businesses. Kevin likes to cover stories that take place in the city of Missoula because he has found a home among its people and wants to help share their stories. 

Outside the station, Kevin enjoys swimming the rivers in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and hiking through the hills year-round. He likes to contribute his dollar to supporting small, local businesses and attending community fundraisers.

Kevin loves volunteering his time to coach kids' soccer and clean up the city's parks. He visits his family in Southern Idaho whenever he gets a chance.

Please email Kevin with any questions, comments or story ideas.