BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Lisa Kirk has lived in her home in downtown Bozeman for nearly 20 years. She said she remembered Music on Main as a fun family event, but she said now it creates many problems for residents in the area.

"It's frustrating and its discouraging," said Kirk.

Kirk's home is two blocks from Main Street, where Music on Main is held. She said she has seen an increase in vandalism, robberies and vomiting in her front lawn over the past five years during Music on Main and other events. However, she said the events are not the root of the problem.

"We are affected routinely by the affects of over-consumption of alcohol," she said.

Lisa said she spends many nights awake dealing with loud noise and drunk people right outside her home. As a result, she is motivated to push for change by creating a forum with her neighbors.

One of her ideas is to put a tax on alcohol to make drinks more expensive. She also said she wants to see alcohol managed differently at Music on Main.

"We need to find ways to have events downtown that are pleasant for everyone and productive for downtown business without it involving noise, DUI, assault and vandalism," said Kirk.

These are issues police have said they are constantly working on. Sergeant Travis Munter said the department assigns extra officers to downtown during events like Music on Main and on weekends.

"We have a college here and we have a university. Things that go along with universities is alcohol consumption, but we have that issue not because of college or Music on Main, it's just the people."

Kirk said she is hopeful the community can come together to turn things around.

"We need to sit down and have a serious discussion with one another about whether that's what we want our town to be known for," said Kirk.