Health workers say they've never seen anything like the health code violations they saw at the fair last Wednesday. The violations ranged from refrigeration problems and water issues to dirty equipment and employees who didn't wash their hands. Now the Missoula County Health Department plans to review North Star Amusements' 3-year contract.

Health inspectors gave North Star a chance to fix the problem after the inspection on Wednesday. They tossed out roughly 250 pounds of meat after discovering it wasn't refrigerated.

When inspectors returned on Friday no progress had been made, so the food booths were shut down.

Missoula Health Department Supervisor Shannon Therriault says training on food and safety practices would prevent problems like these.

"We believe one of the biggest problems at the fair is that they just did not have the necessary food and safety training," said Therriault.

The health department is investigating three complaints from fair-goers who got sick after eating at the food booths. NBC Montana talked to one woman on the phone who thinks a hot dog from one of the booths made her sick.

County officials signed a 3-year contract with North Star back in March of 2013. North Star was replacing a company that had dangerous rides.

Now the health department is requiring North Star to make changes before it returns next year. One change is refrigerating the food while it's in transit to the fair.

"One of the problems is when they are running from one place to another they aren't refrigerated. I mean their refrigeration isn't going, they aren't powered, and that's something that will change, I hope, before they are licensed next year," said Therriault.

All restaurants in Missoula County have the same requirements with the health department. The health department plans to write a letter to North Star specifically explaining what they need to change in order to return to Missoula next year.

North Star's next stop is the Northwest Montana Fair in Kalispell. Health workers say they plan to monitor North Star so the same problems don't happen again.