BUTTE, Mont. -

If you are still looking for a room in Butte for the Montana Folk Festival, good luck. Hotels told NBC Montana they're booked, but there are still a few places to stay in the Mining City.

At La Quinta Inn and Suites, the staff is keeping busy, cleaning up rooms dining and lounge areas.

"Housekeepers have to be prepared for a busy weekend," said Sales Manager Pat Harrington. That's because this weekend all 83 rooms are full.

"We're almost full tonight," said Harrington. "We're totally full for the weekend and we have a lot of spillage over into Monday and Tuesday of next week."

When we checked for ourselves, we found one room left at La Quinta, but checking Craigslist, we found another option -- a couple Butte residents renting out spaces locally.

Celeste Jhonston showed us her cottage she's renting out for the Folk Festival weekend.

"I have this open space that's furnished and I thought it'd be really fun to have somebody from out of town and host them for the weekend," said Jhonston.

She said she put the ad up on Craigslist, and already has it booked for Saturday night.

"I have a gentleman coming in from Havre," she said. "And he's really excited he's going to be able to be Uptown and also give money to somebody local rather than a big chain so that's pretty cool."

Jhonston said that's the best part about the Montana Folk Festival -- bringing in money for the local businesses.

"People come from just all over," said Jhonston. "And it's fabulous to get all these new people to see our community and all the hotels get booked up, and all the restaurants get filled up. It's really wonderful to see that kind of energy in this town. And it gets busy."

Harrington said no matter how busy it gets, visitors can always call to see if there are spaces available at local hotels.

"It's possible there are cancellations, and a lot of times the hotels will have a list of other places that could possibly help them out," she said.

There is always space in Butte for tourists bringing good business and good energy.

The Montana Folk Festival grounds open Friday at 5 p.m. A grand opening ceremony begins at the Original Head Frame Stage at 6:30, with the first act, a Mariachi band, following at 7.