This stretch of 90 degree temperatures in the Bitterroot is kicking fire danger up a notch every day.

Snow still clings onto mountain tops in the Bitterroots. But in the next week, non-irrigated areas on the valley floor are expected to get tinder dry.

The foothills of the Sapphire Mountains are losing their spring green.

"In my experience," said Ravalli County Fire Warden Brad Mohn, "the east side of Ravalli County dries out first. The Soft Rock area of Corvallis, the Three Mile area. Those hills up there, those sagebrush hills seem to dry out the earliest."

Mohn has emphasized for the past week to avoid opening burning if possible. He said if you don't have to burn, don't.

If you absolutely need to burn on your property, he said, do it early in the morning before afternoon winds pick up.

Mohn and other fire and emergency officials are meeting every Monday to update commissioners on fire conditions.