Businesses near Glacier National Park are gearing up for the kickoff to their summer season. Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of the summer season for many.

In West Glacier, summer is the town's busiest time of year. After all, they're located next to one of the most popular national parks in the county, Glacier National Park.

Carl Motes-Conners is the owner of Great Northern Resort. He's getting his business ready to handle the crowds who will be flocking to the Glacier area in the coming weeks.

"Right now is our project season.  We're starting to see more traffic on the road, but for the most part we're getting everything opened up.  Activating all the plumbing in the cabins, that sort of fun stuff.  Blowing up boats, cleaning boats, getting everything just ready for the season," said Motes-Conners.

Many businesses we spoke to tell us their business depends on how good the weather is this holiday weekend.  If the weather's good, that means more people come out, and more people mean more money.

"With the good weather, we have the potential to be just as busy as July.  If it was forecasted to be super rainy, then all of a sudden you're looking at a nice slow weekend or a very slow weekend," said Eddie's Cafe General Manager David Gatton.

But it's not just tourists coming to visit. Glacier National Park Spokeswoman Denise Germann says many from the Flathead head to Glacier enjoy the weekend.

"We see a lot of locals that come to the park this weekend, as well as many visitors," said Germann

While it's been busy to get ready, everyone tells us the payoff is just ahead.