Montana's famous for its wilderness and wildlife.

And as we all know, sometimes the combination can create some exciting, if not dangerous situations for summer hikers.

That's why state parks officials hosted a wildlife safety course in Kalispell Saturday.

Any Montanan will tell you that this is the place to spend the season.

But Montana is also a place where is run in with a bear, mountain lion, or moose is a real possibility.

Lone Pine State Park manager Amy Grout has some tips for what to do if you encounter wildlife.

"Most of them are positive as long as people react in the appropriate manner.  If they don't, that's when those encounters become a little bit more dangerous," Grout said.

Grout made it clear, never approach an animal or move any closer to it once you can see it.

Running isn't an option either as some bears or moose can run as fast as 30 miles per hour.

What you should do is talk to the animal, let it know you’re there, and begin to slowly back away.

"It is very important to prepare and I often tell people when I'm talking to them about how they respond I encourage that they practice it too," said Grout

Part of being prepared, is carrying bear spray.

And practice makes perfect.

"Your adrenaline spikes.  You get all excited, maybe a little bit scared,” said Grout.

Grout says that bear spray doesn't have to be just for bears.

It can be used to scare off a mountain lion or a moose and help prevent an attack.

"They live in and around where we recreate and so if we're respectful, we know how to work with how to respond when we have those encounters then it's just a much better outcome for everybody," Grout said.

Lone Pine State Park will be celebrating National Get Outdoors Day on June 14.