The Missoula City Council has voted to adopt a resolution of intent that would create a special tax district.

The city already has two special districts -- one for roads and another for parks.  Now the council wants a third to fund police and fire improvements.

"This is how we have funded previous, major facilities. We've done the aquatics, the fire stations and fire equipment with general obligation bonds. Those are additional taxes so this is comparable with it," said City Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Bender.

How will this affect taxpayers?

"What would happen in the first year is we would assess what would happen in the first year, a little over $300,000 to the district, so that would affect somebody with a typical house value of $250,000, their taxes would go up $11," said Bender.  

In the second year, the tax district would raise over to $800,000 to pay for updated equipment and an improved police facility. The net effect to taxpayers would be a $24 tax hike for a home valued at $250,000.

Several who spoke Monday night were not too happy.

"This is corrupt. I don't care. There's no other word for it. This is corrupt. And the problem is you've been doing it this way for so long that nobody even understands that it's corrupt," said a community member.  

Monday's vote doesn't actually create the district but it sets a process in motion.

The public will have the opportunity to weigh in.  The protest period will begin April 22 and ends June 20.