The Columbia Falls Aluminum Company has been closed since 2009. Since then, little has been made public about the site's future or whether it will ever reopen.

On June 3, Sen. Jon Tester (D-Montana) sent a letter to the company's owner, Glencore.

In the letter, Tester wrote, "I write to share my ongoing concerns about Glencore's intentions with regard to the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company (CFAC) site in Columbia Falls, Montana."

Glencore responded on June 17 with a letter stating, "Our commitment to meaningful and open dialogue in this regard remains unchanged."

Locals and former employees say that has not been the case since layoffs began and the plant closed.

"In my opinion, I think they're just stringing along the community, community leaders, our senators, our representatives. I don't believe they'll ever do anything out there," says former CFAC employee Dan Jimmerson.

Jimmerson tells us that Glencore has had little to no communication with those laid off and their unions.

Columbia Falls City Manager Susan Nicosia said the plant was a vital part of the Columbia Falls economy and they would like to bring those jobs back in some capacity.

"It is a very large industrial site and, at one time, employed 1,200 people," said Nicosia.

Glencore has hired Canadian consulting firm rePlan to look into the impact the site has on the community. There remains no concrete plan for the site.

We talked to folks in town who say they are not getting the answers they want. They say seeing is believing.