She said to hire a consultant to prepare the application costs between $20,000 and $40,000.

To save money, she said, she and her husband are preparing the paperwork on their own and it has already cost tens of thousands of dollars.

She can't understand why government can't work to get the review process and the sanitation permit going all at once.

"We're bound by state law and we must comply," said Carlson, "or we're doing something illegal."

Carlson said the county's been working with Dunrovin since 2010 to get the review process going, but nothing has happened.

Dunrovin's ranch manager said it's been stressful for a growing business that provides jobs and services to the community, many of them for kids.

"To bring in tourists," said Jamie Breidenbach. "Dunrovin has done a lot for Missoula County.

County officials said they don't dispute Dunrovin's good work, but their work is to protect the public.