BOZEMAN, Mont. -

After four hours of deliberation, the Bozeman Schools Boundary Realignment Committee made their decision on a new elementary school boundary plan.

At first, the group was strongly divided between which of the six options they'd like to see implemented, and couldn't come to a consensus.

A majority of the committee did vote for a modified version of the Option #4 plan, which sends 25 Painted Hills students from Morning Star to Irving.

The plan calls for sending 11 students west of 19th from Morning Star to Hyalite, and 56 students south of that area from Morning Star to Irving- but the group 's modification would send those 56 to Hyalite instead.

A group of students living between the 8th elementary and Emily Dickinson will be re-assigned from the latter to the former, in addition to all Emily Dickinson West students.

All Irving West students would make the switch to elementary 8 as well.

Under the modified Option #4, Emily Dickinson would decrease from 664 students in the attendance area, to 409. Morning Star would also decrease, from 572 to 479. Hyalite's number would drop from 482 to 404.

Irving would increase the number of students in the attendance area from 212 to 237.

Elementary 8 would see 401 students. Hawthorne, Whittier and Longfellow would stay unchanged at 326, 264 and 300, respectively.

The committee decided they'd let the school board know that several people in the group still don't agree with the decision.

The recommendation is set to go before the School Board on March 4th, for a final vote.

Click here to see the original Option #4 plan. To look at other maps and specific plans for each school, click here.