Little baseball ball players headed out to Heroes Park in Bozeman this afternoon as the Belgrade Bandits and Bozeman Bucks hosted their 2nd annual Southwest Montana baseball camp.

The big draw for many campers is the chance to learn from Miami Marlins scout Ryan Wardinsky.

Ryan is originally from Kalispell and is good friends with Bandits head coach Johnny Graham. Ryan says he is excited to come back to his home state and work with these Montana kids.

"I just love getting a chance to come back to Montana in the summers and working with some of the local kids," said Wardinsky. "Just kind of pass along some of the things I've come across and learned in my playing and scouting career and just promote the game in general in the state and to try to keep the interest alive here in Montana."

"Everybody has that dream of being a pro player and I had the same (dream)...didn't work out," Bozeman Bucks head coach Dave Legg laughed. "You know when you get a chance to have a pro scout or a big leaguer involved in something you're doing, I think it adds a lot of credibility to it and obviously the kids get pretty excited about a big leaguer."