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NBC partners with Snapchat for Rio Olympics 'live stories'

Snapchat is going to the Olympics.

Olympic rings on flag, Olympics

South Korea unveils Zika-proof Olympic uniforms

The Rio Olympics are less than 100 days away and it seems South Korean athletes are taking no chances when it comes to the threat of contracting the Zika virus.

Michael Phelps, 2008 Olympics, 400-meter individual medley

Phelps: 'I don't know if I'm an alcoholic'

Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, has a checkered and well-publicized history with alcohol and drug use.

teens sitting on Olympics sign in Rio de Janeiro

Rio 2016 Olympics: 100 days to go

With 100 days until the Summer Olympics begin, Brazil is unraveling fast -- largely overshadowing the impending arrival of sport's greatest showpiece.

USOC Team USA patch, Olympics

Team USA to start Olympic countdown in Times Square

Team USA and its sponsors will kick off the 100 day countdown to the August 5 Rio games with a huge event in New York City's Times Square Wednesday.

Rio Olympic bridge collapse

Rio bike path collapse kills 2, injures 3

The host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics was hit with a setback Thursday when a large portion of a multimillion-dollar seaside bike path collapsed, killing…

2016 Olympic torch lighting ceremony

Olympic torch begins journey to Rio

The Olympic torch has been lit in southern Greece, kicking off the countdown to Rio 2016.

Olympic torch lit

Olympic torch lit in Greece

The Olympic torch lighting ceremony took place Thursday in Olympia, Greece, the ancient birthplace of the games.

Olympic torch lighting ceremony rehearsal

Rio Olympics torch to be lit in Ancient Olympia

On Thursday, the torch for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will be lit using the rays of the sun and a concave mirror in Ancient Olympia -- the…

Adam Scott of the U.S. Open

Rio 2016: Adam Scott opts out of Olympics

It only comes around every four years -- and in the case of golf it has been missing since 1904 -- but Adam Scott has decided he is "too busy" to play in…

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