Montana is expecting a record number of travelers getting out for the holiday.

It's also been a banner year for Yellowstone National Park, as visitor numbers near the 2 million mark.

NBC Montana went to West Yellowstone to see how that trickles down to local businesses.

Mathew Karinen works at four different West Yellowstone motels. Friday, he was at the Yellow Stone Country Inn, one place with many summer nights of no vacancies.

"A lot of nights we've been full. Times we've not been able to sell rooms or recommended people to other properties," said Karinen.

Ed Hanzel spends four to six months of the year in West Yellowstone with his family, away from his home state, Arizona.

"We've been doing this for 10 years. We escape the cold of West Yellowstone by going to Arizona and we escape the heat of Arizona by coming up to West Yellowstone," said Hanzel.

Hanzel spends money in local restaurants and businesses, and he always takes home at least one souvenir.

"We buy a lot of T-shirts and stuffed animals and all kinds of things like that for the 11 grandchildren," said Hanzel.

Hanzel will head back to Arizona soon. The season is almost over, but it's been a record year at national parks around the country.

Business is slowing down this time of the year, but bus tours on the west side of the park increased 25 percent.

"The amount of rooms that we rent to buses has gone from anywhere from like 20 to 25 down to as little as eight," said Karinen.

Other businesses in the area saw more tourist traffic in and out of town, but say that won't last much longer.

"I will muddle through and that's all I can do, because there's two seasons and the winter coming," said Kiwi Takeaway Food owner Alison Vanderaarde.

Karinen agreed. "Business has slowed down probably over the past week," he said.

The changing seasons will mean it's time for West Yellowstone to rest from one of its busiest summers.