There will be a new chapter and an historic artifact for everyone to see and hear at the Ravalli County Museum in Hamilton.

Crews broke ground this week on the museum's lawn to install the old Grantsdale School's bell and a new platform.

The bell served generations of youngsters at the now privately-owned school. The public Grantsdale School closed more than a year ago.

The bell's new home will be on site of what had been Hamilton's old Courthouse lawn.

Many volunteers spent hours of planning to get to this point.

Supporters said blacksmith Will Wilkins spearheaded the project.

But Wilkins said, "It's the people in this community that are getting it done."

Wilkins thanked a sizable crowd that showed up to sink a shovel in the lawn for the groundbreaking, and led them in a round of applause.

The bell should be in place for Apple Days in the fall.