BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Some folks in Bozeman added a few more books to their summer reading list this weekend, while the library raked in thousands of dollars at its annual summer book sale.

Sunday was the last day of the "Friends of the Bozeman Library" event.

Boks donated to the library that aren't needed for circulation are sold to the public, with all proceeds going directly back to the library.

Supporters say it's just one of many ways the community can help out.

Kathy Wojcik with the "Friends of the Bozeman Library" told NBC Montana, "The library is turning into the hub of the Bozeman community. Yeah, there are people here for all kinds of programs all the time. And this is only one of three book sales that we do annually. Our next one will be in Min-november, and then we'll do another one in March."

We're told these sales typically raise between $12,000 and $15,000. This year's total's are still being counted.