It was a busy day at the post office in Hamilton, especially as Tuesday afternoon wore on.

Taxpayers made sure their tax correspondence got stamped with that April 15 postmark.

Getting it in the mail under deadline is a relief. The job is done until next year.

Plenty of customers kept coming in all day. But it's not as hectic as it used to be.

The Hamilton Post Office used to extend its hours to greet stressed out taxpayers, who waited to file until the last day. But it was normal hours this deadline day.

"There's just not enough people to come in to do it that way," said Hamilton Postmaster Mike Stahl.

He said a lot of people are filing online.

Stahl said the Easter Bunny has been giving Uncle Sam competition.

A good many postal postal customers haven't been coming in to pay taxes. It's Easter time. Lots of chocolate and marshmallow bunnies are in the mail, on their way to destinations all over the country.