Nate Martin has been around guns all his life. He teaches people how to shoot safely at the Deer Creek Shooting Range in East Missoula.

"We talk how firearms work, safety issues," said Martin.

One thing that won't work for for him is training anyone who isn't at least 13.

We talked to Martin about gun safety in light of a recent incident at the White Hills shooting range in Arizona. A 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her instructor while handling an Uzi.

Martin said he has never had a incident like the one in White Hills, but he is always aware of the dangers.

"Someone who's young, you need to gauge how responsible they are and how well they take instruction," said Martin. "A kid that young, 9 years old, I wouldn't and he shouldn't have either."

Martin said instructors need to gauge their students' abilities before letting them shoot without assistance and, even then, he only instructs teenagers accompanied by a parent or guardian.

He won't hand anyone an automatic weapon or handgun -- only long barrels. That's because longer barrels take a longer time to be pointed in the wrong direction.

Experience taught him a tough lesson. Sometimes people make stupid mistakes.

"We've had guns pointed at us from time to time. Smart people, doctors, lawyers, that it just becomes, for whatever reason, a little overwhelming," said Martin.

He has avoided any shooting accidents at Deer Creek by keeping his class sizes small, having multiple instructors in the classroom and teaching gun discipline.

"We keep our classes at a reasonable size. We don't want 25 people in a class; we have four eyes, there are two instructors," said Martin.

It's a protocol he will never change.

"Muzzle discipline and keeping that finger off the trigger," said Martin.

Instructors say an incident like the one in Arizona is rare, but they always are aware of the danger.