BUTTE, Mont. -

We are learning more about the search effort and recovery of a student who died on his way from Idaho to the University of Montana.

After nearly a week-long search effort, the Custer County Sheriff's Office in Idaho confirmed 21-year-old Lucius Robbi died in a car crash.

A private helicopter spotted the tip of a kayak in the trees near the Stanley Lake turnoff Thursday. Robbi had two kayaks tied to the top of his car.

The sheriff's office said Robbi's car went off Highway 21 and down a 60-foot embankment.

We talked to one of the people who helped spot Robbi's car.

"I was flying with my head out the window all day, looking down at the ground, just nonstop constantly scanning," said searcher and family friend Michael "Monkey" Ohaire. "Once I spotted it, I was like, 'I found it, I found it, I found it, turn around! Turn around!' My pilot and other grounds coordinator was like 'What? What?' And we immediately banked hard in the helicopter and sure enough, it was his car right-side up."

Ohaire said he talked to the Montana Department of Justice about searching for Robbi, but they said it was up to the county. Ohaire said the sheriff told him they couldn't put up a helicopter without a specific area to search.