Although wildland fire agencies lifted Stage 1 fire restrictions over the weekend, Ravalli County decided once again to retain the open burning ban, at least for the next week or so.

County commissioners considered lifting it Monday morning, but decided not to.

Burn barrels, slash burning, open fires and fireworks are off limits. Smoking should be done indoors, or in clear, bare areas.

It requires campfires be built in clear, bare areas, and attended completely until they're extinguished.

Rain has greened up conditions, but the county fire warden said the valley floor is still dry, and volunteer firefighters are still getting a lot of out-of-control burn calls.

"We don't need these needless calls of burn piles getting away from somebody," said Ravalli County Fire Warden Brad Mohn. "Let's wait until October and do their burning when it's a lot safer."

Commissioners will revisit the issue after Labor Day.