New information Friday, as NBC Montana uncovered what could be plans for a big box store in the Bitterroot.

We are told the size is similar to a Walmart or a Costco.

The area sits at the corner of Highway 93 and Blood Lane.

It is the same land Walmart looked at in 2007, but then abandoned.

NBC Montana asked state and government officials, the property broker, and even Walmart.

No one would confirm exactly what is being planned.

But sources indicate the square footage of the proposed building gives us the best insight.

We found that information in a waste water permit application filed in Helena.

The plans call for a 156,000 square foot retail store.

In 2012, Time magazine researchers reported the average grocery store, like a Safeway, covers 50,000 square feet.

The average Home Depot totals 100,000 square feet.

But the average Costco or Walmart measures close to 150,000 square feet.

The acreage north of Blood Lane off Highway 93 is listed as the commercial real estate, and a site where Walmart was going to build several years ago.

The septic site was approved.

But Walmart abandoned plans.

Developer Lee Foss said the land is "market ready for whoever wants to come in."

Foss said he does not have a buyer.

Environmental health director John Palacio showed NBC Montana the paper work he received from the state this spring about a proposed public water supply well on site.

Palacio said the state has approved the location and construction of a well.

"The approval is for well construction only," said Palacio."But plans and specifics for the pumps for those wells still do need to go under view, or any treatment, if the well needs treatment."

The state still needs to review a waste water treatment applications.

Permits at the DEQ are not cheap.

The state is expected to charge close to $15,000 for these two separate applications.

Other state agencies are working on this too.

The Montana Department of Transportation received an application for a new access to Highway 93 near Blood Lane in April.