Residents were able to return to their homes Tuesday evening, after police temporarily closed down a Missoula neighborhood to disarm a pipe bomb.

A call was made to police at about 3 p.m. for a suspicious device found on the 900-block of Spartan Drive, near Playfair Park and Splash Montana.

Emergency crews arrived at the house and used a specialized robot to remove the pipe bomb.

Neighbors stood outside their homes watching.

The street was blocked off by two fire trucks, two police cars and a bomb squad vehicle.

Investigators told us they received a phone call about what they thought was a explosive device. Emergency crews arrived to the scene and evacuated four homes.

The robot removed the pipe bomb from a garage and then crews searched the entire house. No more explosives were found.

One concern among the residents was that emergency crews only evacuated four homes on the block. The investigating office explained their tactic.

"We looked at the garage and where we thought the threat area would be and evacuated the houses that were in that area," said Missoula Police Detective Sergeant Jim Klawitter.

Neighbors on the block told us they were concerned about the situation.

"What I saw today definitely wasn't -- didn't make me feel safe," said one neighbor.

"The officer came and told us to go inside...'We are going to be removing a bomb,'" said another.

No one was injured or harmed.

Right now police don't know why the bomb was there or who did this. The incident is still under investigation.