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POSTED: 12:45 PM Jun 13 2012   UPDATED: 4:26 PM Jun 23 2014

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Emily Adamson is a reporter at KECI. She graduated from the University of Montana in 2011 with a BA in Broadcast Journalism.

She started at KECI in February, 2011, as the production assistant for Montana Today and also worked as the weekend reporter before signing on as a full-time news reporter.

Emily has covered numerous high profile cases in and around Missoula. She was the lead reporter on such stories as the high profile Jordan Graham trial. She was also the lead on the Jordan Johnson trial.

Emily grew up in Helena, MT. She loves Montana and is excited to begin her journalism career in the state!

Please email Emily with any questions, comments or story ideas.

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Emily's Latest Stories


Vann's employees reach settlement

Employees of Vann’s have reached a settlement with the company.


Attorney General: Beach has exhausted remedy of appeal

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox says convicted killer Barry Beach has exhausted his attempts at an appeal for his prison sentence.

Markus Kaarma 5-21

Judge denies motion to change venue in Kaarma case

A Missoula County District Court judge has denied a request to change the venue for the trial of a man charged with deliberate homicide.

Markus Kaarma 5-21

Kaarma's defense team wants proceedings sealed, venue changed

Defense attorneys and county prosecutors want to seal court documents and proceedings in the case of a Missoula man accused of murdering a German exchange student.


Teen charged with conspiracy in burglaries before fatal shooting

A teen, who reportedly confessed to burglarizing a home in the weeks before a German exchange student was shot to death in the garage, was charged in Missoula County Justice Court.

Kaarma still

Prosecutors file lengthy affidavit in Kaarma case

Prosecutors are revealing new details in their case against man accused of shooting foreign exchange student. An affidavit and motion for leave to file information was filed in Missoula County District Court Monday afternoon.

Paul Ryan

Attorneys: Law enforcement warned shooting would happen if burglaries didn't stop

In a release Tuesday, the defense attorney for a Missoula man accused of killing a German exchange student claims law enforcement was warned a shooting would happen if burglaries didn't stop.


Shooting suspect surrendered weapons before release from jail

Residents in a Grant Creek neighborhood are still shaken up after one of their own neighbors allegedly shot and killed a 17-year-old German exchange student.

Jordan Graham

Prosecutors get more time to answer murder appeal

Prosecutors will get more time to file an answer to Jordan Graham's appeal.

Markus Kaarma 5-21

Kaarma defense team asks for exchange program coordinator's statement

Attorneys for the Missoula man charged with deliberate homicide in the shooting death of a foreign exchange student are asking a judge to intervene, to get a statement from the person in charge of the exchange program at Big Sky High School.

Police lights

Missoula Police arrest suspect for string of thefts

Missoula Police have arrested a man wanted for multiple thefts after a five month long investigation.

Markus Kaarma 5-21

Law enforcement, relatives excluded from jury panel in Kaarma case

A Missoula County District Court Judge has ordered that law enforcement and relatives of law enforcement be excluded from the panel of prospective jurors in the garage shooting case.


Judge seals some pretrial proceedings in Kaarma case

A Missoula County District Court judge has granted a motion to seal some pretrial proceedings in the case of a man charged with shooting and killing a German exchange student.


County declines prosecution, pipe bomb suspect released

A Missoula man arrested as a suspect after a pipe bomb was reportedly found in a home has been released from jail due to insufficient evidence.


Prosecutors ask judge to deny change of venue request in Kaarma case

Missoula County prosecutors are asking a judge to deny a request to change the venue for the Markus Kaarma trial.