This summer, Missoula County Public School students partnered with Mountain Line and other professionals to create a renewable energy bus stop.

The result was a busy bus stop powered by the sun. The back of the bus stop is made up of illuminating recyclable glass bottles that keep the area lit up and safe.

The bus stop is located at 39th and Reserve Street.

NBC Montana was there for the ribbon cutting Tuesday, at the newly renovated stop named the Green Stop. The first bus pulled in Tuesday afternoon.

Students hope the stop will raise awareness of sustainable energy.

"It shows there's a way to recycle even if you might not think there is and then also green energy is a really important concept too, so that's why we decided to go with this project," said Hellgate High School junior Keilan Sayer.

Students and officials are happy with the outcome of the Green Stop and told us that they hope it makes people want to ride the bus more.