This weekend, the United States Air Force and the Thunderbirds will be putting on a show in the Flathead.

The spotlight will be on one airman in particular -- Major Jason Curtis, who grew up in Kalispell, graduated from Flathead High School and attended Flathead Valley Community College.

Curtis was four years old when he saw the Thunderbirds for the first time in Kalispell.

"To go straight up, look over your shoulder and see the world just kind of leave you behind, it's an amazing feeling," said Curtis.

Instead of watching the air show this weekend, he'll actually be in it.

"Every time I fly in this beautiful red, white and blue F-16, I don't take a single second of it for granted.  It's, in my opinion, the best job on the face of the planet," Curtis said.

He always dreamed of flying in the military, so he joined the Air Force.

Since joining in 2004, Curtis has logged more than 1,700 flight hours with close to 300 hours on combat experience in the F-16 jet.

While Curtis says he enjoys traveling the country and putting on shows, this one in his hometown will be very special.

"When we flew in today and landed.  I shut down the engine to my F-16 and I looked out and saw my family there just lined up.  Definitely sent a chill down my spine and it's so awesome to be supported like that," said Curtis.

And even Curtis' fellow airmen are excited for the Kalispell show this weekend.

Major Darrick Lee says they all understand what this show means to Curtis.

"You get this genuine smile from folks that are not just happy to see the Air Force, but they can't wait to connect with one of their own and so Major Curtis is happy to be here and we're seeing all the folks that are greeting him and excited to see him so we're looking forward to a great show this weekend," Lee said.

Curtis says he hopes to inspire the younger generation to never give up on their dream.

"If they can dream it, they can do it.  Anything is possible and I'm here as living proof of that," said Curtis.

For Curtis, this weekend's show will be a full-circle experience. It's been a long road, but he wouldn't want to be any place else.

The Thunderbirds are expected to perform along with other acts both on Saturday and Sunday starting at 11:30 a.m. Gates to the event both days open at 10:00 a.m.