POLSON, Mont. -

The four candidates running for sheriff for Lake County are Dan Yonkin, Don Bell, Rick Shoening and Kim Liebenguth. They are all republican candidates. Unlike the last election, this election has ran clean according to the candidates.

For the last couple terms, Lake County has had a new sheriff in house, but the four candidates who want his job this time promise they will be around for the long haul.

"It may seem to some that it's good to go clean house and start a fresh, however, when you're talking about a group of 56-employees that are trying to figure out where they fit in and what the rules are, it can be problematic to try to run an office when there isn't some consistency," said Daniel Yonkin, current Lake County Undersheriff. 

Lucky Larsen resigned in 2010 after one term and current sheriff Jay Doyle's not running again.

And then there was a 2012 lawsuit, where five current and former sheriff's department sued Doyle and three other officers for allegedly violating their rights, and retaliating when they supported a different candidate. The suit was dismissed.

Then, last May, Deputy Dan Duryee was barred from law enforcement in Montana after lying about his military record.

Each candidate vows those days are over.

"Transparency is very important in law enforcement. I think people need to know where their money is being spent, and what's happening, not just within the agency but within the community in general," said Kim Liebenguth, current Lake County Detective.

"I think it's important that a sheriff recognizes the necessity of having a transparent office, transparent as possible," explained Yonkin.

"I want to try to repair the sheriff's department's image with the public, because there's a complete lack of trust by some of the people here. They don't trust it, sheriff's department, they think they're corrupt," stated Rick Shoening, current Polson Police.  

"I believe that the Lake County Residents deserve a sheriff department that they believe that they can trust, put the honesty and integrity back into the sheriff's office," said Don Bell, current Confederated Salish and Kootenai Patrol Officer.

So how will they do?

Yonkin and Liebenguth plan to building strong in house candidates. Yonkin blames some problems on outsiders who were brought in. Schoening promised an open-door policy, with deputies following-up on crimes. Bell promises to train, re-train and educate the current staff.