Anglers and boaters looking to cool off in the Flathead River will soon have to do without a popular boat access area near Kalispell.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks plans to replace the bumpy gravel boat ramp, at McWenneger Slough Fishing Access, with concrete ramps.

This area is located four miles east of Kalispell, off of Highway 35.

Perch, bass and native pike fill these waters, making it a popular place to fish in the summer and ice fish in the winter.

But starting next week, fishermen will have to hold off on fishing here for a little while.

The FWP plans to put in a brand new concrete boat ramp to replace the bumpy gravel ramp. This will temporarily close the fishing access.

People who go to the area say the gravel tears up the bottoms of their boats. But, because this is already a popular place to fish, people fear the crowds.

 "I suppose for general access it’s a good idea. It’ll make it a whole lot more accessible to a whole lot more people. But with anything, if you make it easier to get there then a lot more will show up. So, I’m sure it will get a little more crowded," said Nick Frucci, McWenneger Slough kayaker.  

Nick Frucci is also worried that since the first couple of changes were made to McWenneger Slough a few years, he's already seen more people come.

Changes like adding a parking area and a bathroom that did not exist a few years ago. This has made the access more of a destination.

NBC Montana spoke to other fishermen who said they aren't worried about the crowds.

They say they fear that with a legitimate boat ramp, it will allow for more motorized boats which will affect their fishing.

Frucci agrees. He says even though it may end up looking nicer, it will make it easier to get in and out of the water, which in turn might not be a good thing.

"I understand that it will make it easier for some folks but there may come a day when my little kayak can’t go out there because there's just too many boats," Frucci said.

The ramp will be closed periodically starting Monday, July 14, 2014 and construction will continue until August 15th.