Montana has ranked in the top five for suicide rates in the nation for the last 30 years and suicide has ranked as the 7th or 8th leading cause of death for Montanans for more than two decades.

There are places to turn when thinking about committing suicide. Experts explained that talking about it is the best thing you could do. A doctor NBC Montana talked with said getting out and exercising, being with people and being active are good options.

One psychiatrist today told us about where people can seek the help they need when they are contemplating suicide.

"I think it's important to draw around you as much support as you can. I think it's important to contact family, friends, clergymen; call 911, call the emergency room, go there if there's any problems, if you have any thoughts at all of doing anything like that," explained Psychiatrist Phillip Holman.

Holman told NBC Montana that there's also a national suicide prevention hotline number that you can call at anytime, 24/7. The number is 1-800-273-8255.