BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Newly released video gives a look at some of the bizarre events the day a Gallatin County man went on a crime spree and led police on a high-speed chase.

NBC Montana requested the dash cam video and it was just released to us on Wednesday afternoon.

Almost exactly a year ago, Matthew Brandemihl stole three vehicles, burglarized a home, and led police on a high-speed chase and hours-long man hunt, before surrendering in the woods near Pony.

He was sentenced in March to 10 years in prison with 10 suspended, on terms he go to Treatment Court for alcohol issues. But Brandemihl disappeared, and never showed up to meetings with his probation officer. He was eventually arrested, and re-sentenced to 8 years in prison.

The videos tell part of the story only seen by law enforcement and witnesses up until now. They chronicle part of the chase where Brandemihl recklessly drove on back roads and through fields between Manhattan and Belgrade, even crashing through a fence at one point.

The dash cam videos show the events on the morning of May 23 last year, as Gallatin County sheriff's deputies chased Brandemihl around Gallatin County.

Authorities say Brandemihl first stole a truck, and drove it up back roads in between Belgrade and Manhattan.

Eventually, Brandemihl crashed the truck in a ravine. He crashed the truck at a home, burglarized the home, then drove the resident's white Ford Explorer right through the garage.

Troopers and deputies chased him down the dirt road, before Brandemihl swerved off into a field.

Authorities followed him, but got stuck behind a fence. Eventually troopers caught up with Brandemihl on the other side of the fence. He approached the fence, and crashed through. The barbed wire whipped against the MHP car.

Deputies chased Brandemihl again.

Eventually he ended up at a Belgrade construction business after crossing over I-90, ditching the Explorer and stealing a third truck, before ending up in the woods near Pony, surrendering several hours later.