Manhattan Head Football Coach Dale McQuery returned to the sidelines Friday night when Manhattan squared off at Jefferson.

District Court Judge Mike Salvagni approved a temporary restraining order re-instating McQueary, after a group of parents sued the school district when the football coach and eighth grade teacher was suspended.

So on Friday night, McQuery got back into the game to coach Manhattan against Jefferson in Boulder.

Parents argued that suspending  McQueary violated their children's constitutional rights.

McQueary was suspended on September 19th, following an investigation into allegations of financial mismanagement of district fundraising activities.

At a court hearing Friday, Judge Salvagni found that the continued suspension of McQuery jeopardized the students' chances of success to compete fairly and possibly make the state playoffs.

An investigative report published by Manhattan School District on Thursday found McQueary failed to deposit more than $8,300 in a school fundraising account in 2011.

The documents state McQueary returned more than $8,100, but around $250 is still unaccounted for.

A hearing on the preliminary injunction is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. next Thursday.