At the Western Montana Fair in Missoula, county health workers closed down three carnival vendors for health violations. Some violations included refrigeration problems, water issues and unsanitary equipment.

When the carnival went to Kalispell, North Star was noted again for having a freezer unplugged. That stand was the Route 66 Diner, which is one of the same stands closed in Missoula.

For the first time since health department officials can remember, they had to shut down vendors at the fair because of health code violations.

Last week, county officials and fair organizers started talking about what corrections they need to make before next year's fair.  Monday, the county attorney's office and the health department met to discuss this issue.

"We met with the health department to go through and begin to define what that is that they must comply with," explained Missoula Deputy County Attorney Dori Brownlow.  

After the meeting, the health department came up with a plan of correction.

"The plan of correction is going to need to include refrigeration, both at the fair and in transit. It's going to have to show how they are going to connect to a safe and protective water supply," said Environmental Health Supervisor Shannon Therriault.

The county has until October 11 to make additions to the contract or terminate the contract.

As of right now, they want to negotiate since they are in a 3-year contract with North Star Amusements, but they know public safety comes first.

"We want to make sure that all the vendors at the fair that are providing food meet with the regulations to ensure public safety," said Brownlow.

The health department has been emailing with a representative from North Star Amusements. They told us the key issues that need to be addressed before next year's fair.

"Have to figure out the refrigeration, absolutely. And then secondly, they definitely need food safety training and they need to figure out how to get people food safety training during the season as they have turnover," explained Therriault.  

The health department told NBC Montana that they have talked with fair organizers in Billings and are working with other cities in Montana that share the same concerns and are thinking of ways in which North Star Amusements can travel within health code regulations.

We spoke with the Flathead County fair director to see if they're going to make any changes to their contract with North Star Amusements.

They told us that as of right now, they are keeping the contract the same, which entails that they follow the health code regulations of Flathead County.