BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Butte-Silver Bow Police Department is taking over a shooting investigation after the suspect surrendered in a quiet neighborhood near Bozeman on Friday night.

On Friday morning, Butte-Silver Bow officers responded to a report of a man at the hospital with a bullet wound to the leg.

Officials believe the man was shot during an argument with another man, 37-year old Luke Lapinski.

Lapinski reportedly fled the scene in a Corvette.

Then, on Friday around 9 p.m., law enforcement got a tip he was in a subdivision northwest of Bozeman.

Officers from the Montana Highway patrol, Gallatin County Sheriff's Office, and Bozeman Police created a perimeter around the neighborhood, and Lapinski surrendered without incident.

NBC Montana went to the neighborhood to find out more about the arrest. We found the house the suspect was hiding in, and a neighbor whose family witnessed the whole thing.

Trevor Parsons lives in the Hidden Valley Estates northwest of Bozeman. He explained his neighborhood is usually pretty quiet.

But on Friday night, he witnessed a lot of action.

"I needed to go to the store for a few things, and I left on the motorcycle," he said, "and when I came out to the end of the road here, there was a Sheriff's [deputy]."

Trevor described the scene of Highway Patrolmen, Sheriff's Deputies, and Bozeman Police surrounding his neighborhood.

"It looked pretty serious," he said.

Turns out, Luke Lapinski, the suspect in Thursday's shooting in Butte, was hiding out in the home right next door to Trevor's.

Parsons said he during the day, he saw a nice car parked in the home's driveway, which he thought was strange because he didn't think anyone was living there.

"I thought it was a little unusual," he explained, "and there were lights on in the house and I've never seen anybody, hardly. I seen the guy sitting in his car once, but didn't really think much of it. We try to mind our own business."

Once Trevor left his house on his motorcycle, law enforcement wouldn't let him back into the area for more than an hour. His wife and two young kids were back at home.

"I was scared for my kids and wife," Trevor said. "I didn't know how dangerous the man was or if there was going to be a shoot out."

Law enforcement arrested Lapinski without incident as he tried to leave the neighborhood in the Corvette.

Trevor said he is happy the incident is over, and grateful for the way law enforcement handled the situation.

Luke Lapinski is being held at the Gallatin County Detention Center.

The Sheriff's Office tells NBC Montana he will likely be transferred back to Butte, where Lapinski could make his initial appearance in court on Monday.