BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Jack Thanepohn is the owner of Mattress Mill. His shop sits on the corner of Huffine and Love Lanes. He said the new traffic proposal is better than the stop sign that sits there now.

"I think it's great; we're thankful for it," said Thanepohn.

The Montana Department of Transportation's Dustin Rouse said they came up with the proposal to help with increasing traffic on Huffine Lane and to make turning left from Love Lane much safer.

Thanepohn said he's seen how unsafe it is first hand from his shop on the corner.

"We've had accidents there regularly and often on a regular basis my staff has seen close calls," said Thanepohn.

He said adding a left-turn lane will help prevent accidents and make turning a lot easier.

He's not the only one who thinks that. Sara Greer at Montana Party Rentals said making a left onto Huffine Lane can be challenging and dangerous.

"It really is super dangerous to turn out there," said Greer. "For our crews, especially with their big trucks, we don't even allow them to turn left and so they do have to turn right and then go around to get anywhere."

Greer said it is especially frustrating trying to turn left on a time crunch.

"With a 30-minute lunch break you don't want to be sitting there forever," she said.

Thanepohn said in the mornings the wait is even longer and cars back up on Love Lane waiting to turn out. He said he hopes the proposal gets final approval.

"It's a blessing to have the light that is coming and I can't imagine any negative to it," said Thanepohn.

The Montana Department of Transportation said they plan to start the project in 2016 and it will only take one construction season to complete.