Beaverhead County investigators said they are hunting for two persons of interest in a possible murder at a southwest Montana campground.

Two vehicles, a motor home and an SUV, could help them crack the case.

On Saturday, dispatchers in Beaverhead County Sheriff's Department received a call from a man saying he discovered a man's body at the Bryant Creek campground. The campground is west of the town of Wise River.

Idaho resident Bob Gotshall comes to Bryant Creek to camp a few times each year.

"This is the first time anything exciting like this has happened," said Gotshall. "Usually nothing happens."

The body was found in the willows near a Bryant Creek campsite. Investigators took the victim from the campground to the Montana State Crime Lab for an autopsy.

A state investigator was collecting evidence from the neighboring campsites. He declined to go on camera but showed us the campsite where the alleged homicide occurred.

The investigator took notes, pictures and collected evidence from the sites.

According to a Beaverhead County Sheriff media release, investigators found there was a fight between multiple campers before the victim was shot.

The news of the alleged homicide spread through the campsites.

"I first heard about this from a friend of mine camping here and he got stopped by the police coming into the camp area. They wanted to know what he was doing," said Gotshall.

"When I went down the road on the bicycle, I could see the area that was marked off with the police tape," said California resident Mary Taylor. "And I could see what I took to be a forensic van."

Authorities said they have two persons of interest, but they have not identified who those people are.

They did release descriptions of two vehicles they are looking for. The first is a 1983 Establishment motor home, cream in color. Investigators said it may have Montana licenses plate number 127766A or Washington plate 861XVT. The second vehicle is a 1997 white Ford Explorer with Washington plate 201ZRN.

If you have any information about either of the vehicles call police.