A viral video of nine beagles rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project is spreading across the internet.

The young dogs had been kept in cages all their lives for laboratory testing, but were rescued on May 5 by the organization.  They had a chance to play outside for the first time, before going home with their new families.

The video shows the dogs being rescued, transported, and let out in a large backyard.  Rescuers didn't know how the dogs would react to their new environment, or each other, but soon the dogs were running and playing.  One even took a dip in the swimming pool.

The beagles were named in honor of iconic Vegas performers -- Frankie, Dean, Sammy, Joey, Wayne, Barry, Peter and Tommy.

A Nevada senator says he is working to submit legislation in 2015 that limits animal testing and promotes test animal adoption.

Laboratories commonly use beagles for testing, due to their calm nature.  An estimated 75,000 beagles are currently in U.S. labs.