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2012 MSU school year begins

Plans for active shooters vary on Montana campuses

Montana's colleges and universities are required to develop emergency operation plans that include responding to an "active shooter" on campus.

Bozeman police to auction abandoned bicycles

The Bozeman Police Department will auction abandoned bicycles at an event Saturday.

Kerr Dam in Polson

Salish Kootenai Tribal Council says 'no' to payments in lieu of taxes

For weeks, Lake County commissioners and Polson schools pressed the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribal Council for answers -- would the tribes make up for…

Montanans honor forest service products industry

Judge lifts logging injunction on 2 Montana state forests

A federal judge has approved a settlement between state officials and three conservation groups that allows logging projects in northwest Montana to move…

Ravalli Co. study group removes option to elect non-partisan commissioners

Ravalli Co. study group removes option to elect nonpartisan commission

In a controversial 3-2 vote, the elected local government study commission pulled a question asking voters if commissioners should be elected without party…

Test reveals skunk had bat variant of rabies

NBC Montana followed up with the Department of Livestock to confirm the test results of a rabid skunk captured Sept. 10 in Missoula County.

Bozeman Warming Center seeks donations

Bozeman's Warming Center is getting ready to open its doors as the cold weather starts to approach. 

Bozeman businesses seek employees with tech skills

As businesses continue to move into the Bozeman area, the need to for high-tech knowledge continues to grow, too. 

Hamilton Broncs' homecoming celebrates 101-years

Hamilton Broncs homecoming celebrates 101 years

The Hamilton Broncs greet a new century as they meet Frenchtown in "The Battle of the Broncs."

Montana schools consider consequences for vaccinations

Schools consider consequences for students past vaccination deadline

Across the state of Montana, schools are trying to get their students vaccinated. The vaccination deadline was technically Oct. 1, but schools have been…

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