If you live in Western Montana, you KNOW graupel!


It all started with Mark Heyka’s signature mention of graupel and an idea to have a little fun. So, we launched a “Got Graupel” campaign and found out Montanans do know their graupel! Mark’s e-mail box and phone messages are full of “got graupel” pictures and comments. The most common one:

“How can I get a t-shirt?”

Answer: Take a picture of something that’s ONLY MONTANA and enter the weekly “GOT GRAUPEL” t-shirt giveaway!

THAT’S RIGHT—once a week, we’ll give a lucky winner a custom “Got Graupel” t-shirt. All you have to do to enter is send in a picture of something that’s ONLY MONTANA.

The contest entry is a two-part form. Fill out the form below first, then you will be taken to a page to upload your photo.

Be sure to use the same name on both forms so we can match your picture to your contest submission form. Click here to read our contest rules page.

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