NBC Montana's Gold Star Award

The 2017-2018 school year marks the 27th year in which the GOLD STAR AWARDS have honored excellence in education. This program brings public recognition to educators (K-12) who have made significant contributions toward better education.

NBC Montana viewers are encouraged to nominate a favorite teacher who has made a difference in their lives. Parents, students, former students and anyone can make a nomination simply by noting the teacher's name, school and why he or she deserves the GOLD STAR AWARD.

Please CLICK HERE to nominate your favorite teacher.

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Here's what the kids have to say...

"She is the best teacher I have had...I wish I could stay in 6th grade!...Thanks for putting on a special for kids like me to express their feelings because teachers deserve a big thanks." -- Sixth Grader

"...I still remember how she changed my life." -- Seventh Grader

"...He told me that I could do anything I want as long as I believe in myself. And I did it! He also taught me how to set goals and learn leadership." -- Eleventh Grader

This is how the winners feel...

"I was honored to receive the Gold Star Award...I am not accustomed to being singled out for doing something I truly love, teaching."

"...It is an honor and one I will cherish."

"Your contribution to positive support of the Montana education process is greatly needed and appreciated..."

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