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Clinton slams Trump about Twitter attack



Browns ready to move on from troubled WR Gordon

Gordon put football career on hold to enter rehab

The Cleveland Browns appear to be done with suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon, who put his football career on hold Thursday to enter an in-patient rehabilitation facility.

Head coach Hue Jackson told reporters Friday that Gordon is out of chances in Cleveland.

"What's best for our football team is that we move forward and move on," Jackson said. "He's not going to be with us and we wish him well, but we're moving forward. We're going to move on."

Gordon, who was suspended for the first four games in 2016, was scheduled to rejoin practice on Monday and play Oct. 9 against the New England Patriots in his first game since 2014, but instead he is out indefinitely.

"Obviously Josh is not here and doing what he thinks he needs to for his life which we support 100 percent and after today, today is really the last Josh Gordon comment I want to make about that," Jackson said.

On Thursday, the Browns issued a statement in support of Gordon, who said in his statement: "After careful thought and deep consideration I've decided that I need to step away from pursuing my return to the Browns and my football career to enter an in-patient rehabilitation facility. This is the right decision for me and one that I hope will enable me to gain full control of my life and continue on a path to reach my full potential as a person. I appreciate the support of the NFL, NFLPA, the Browns, my teammates, my agent and the community through this extremely challenging process."

The NFL has suspended Gordon four times for violating its substance abuse policy. He was suspended for two games in 2013, 10 games in 2014, all 16 games in 2015 season and the first four games this year. He was conditionally reinstated by the NFL in July.

"For me and for our team, for everybody involved, my goal is to make sure that we take care of the players that are here and the players that are practicing and working," Jackson told reporters Friday. "I care about everybody. That's the seat I'm in, but at the same time, he's not here, so that's why we wished him well and want the best for him.

"The most important thing I can do is make sure that our football (players) that are here, the guys that are practicing the guys that are going to play, the guys that are in the meeting room and working hard to get ready for a game is that our focus and our attention to detail is right.

"So that's my main concern and I think what we need to do is just close that chapter right now. He's doing what he needs to do and we need to do what we need to do which is continue to move forward."

According to, Jackson then shut the door on the Gordon discussion after the third question.

"I'm not going to answer any more Josh Gordon comments or questions," Jackson said. "I'm done with it. I'm going to coach our team that's here and that's what I want to do. So no more questions about Josh Gordon."

An ESPN source acknowledged that the Browns ultimately plan to cut ties with Gordon, but said Jackson's comment was not meant to reflect the team's immediate plans. According to the source, Jackson was trying to steer conversation at his news conference away from Gordon and toward the Browns' game on Sunday at the Washington Redskins.


Abbas and Netanyahu handshake was a footnote

Handshake held just feet from Peres' casket

(CNN) - A picture says a thousand words.

But in the case of the carefully choreographed handshake just feet from the casket containing the body of Israel's ninth president, a thousand words might have been better.

As the world watched Shimon Peres, the last of Israel's founding fathers, laid to rest, any hope his passing might bring closer his unrequited vision for peace would quickly be pounced upon.

So when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gripped the hand of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, both men knew the symbolism of the moment.

The fact this is Abbas's first visit to Jerusalem in six years and only their second public handshake in that time -- the last being a less publicized affair on the margins of the Paris climate conference last year -- also speaks volumes.

Abbas had to overcome severe misgivings among other Palestinian leaders to make this journey. Hiss presence was particularly notable in the absence of regional Arab leaders who, with few exceptions, stayed away.

So a few dozen words exchanged in good faith, never mind a thousand, would have raised hopes even a short conversation might be continued. Peres himself was a firm believer some dialogue is better than silence.

But it was the handshake that didn't happen today that shouted the loudest.

On his arrival at Mount Herzel, Israel's national cemetery, where dozens of dignitaries from around the world where gathered, President Barack Obama walked slowly along the front row.

As he approached Abbas he stopped, turned, hugged him, kissed both cheeks patted him on the back, shook his hand. It was warm, welcoming, affectionate.

Obama continued along the line, pausing occasionally, shaking more hands. When he arrived at his seat he waited for the remaining leaders to arrive.

Among the last was Netanyahu, his chair next to Obama's.

You could see the chill descend. Obama looked the other way, never turning to the Israeli Prime Minister. It was frosty. There was no love lost.

Without doubt the images accompanying Peres' funeral are worth many thousands of words, but are they worth hope?

Netanyahu may now have seen the last of President Obama, their frostiness stronger than the stalled peace process, has its roots in the 2012 US elections when Netanyahu backed Obama's opponent Mitt Romney.

He has also laid to rest his most high profile Israeli adversary when it comes to compromise and peace with Palestinians. For a while at least, the pressure on him to find an enduring path to peace with Abbas is abated.

So, back to that handshake, and that photograph. Video of the moment reveals a few words were indeed exchanged. Abbas it seemed focused on something distant over Netanyahu's shoulder, not looking at the Israeli leader, more as if he felt ambushed than engaging in conversation.

Had there been a thousand words this photograph would have been worth all of them. But as it was, it was just a fragmentary record of a footnote to a day that had so much more meaning.



Texans DE Watt undergoes back surgery, done for season

Watt had surgery on same herniated disk in July

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt underwent back surgery Thursday and will miss the remainder of the 2016 season.

Head coach Bill O'Brien confirmed Friday that the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year will not be able to return this year.

Watt, placed on injured reserve Wednesday, saw a specialist and elected to have the surgery, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Watt underwent back surgery on the same disk in late July and sat out the preseason. He returned to play each of the Texans' first three regular-season games, but observers wondered if he was actually healthy.

Under league rules, Watt could play in eight weeks but the Texans did not want to take any chances with his health this season.

Watt re-injured his back in a 27-0 loss to the New England Patriots last week in a Week 3 Thursday night game.

Watt posted on social media Wednesday that the IR move was "necessary in order for me to return to 100 percent and play at the level that I am capable of playing at. Everybody deals with adversity in their lives, many much worse than what I'm going through. ... I look forward to the fight back to the top and to the next time that I can step back on that field with my brothers to play the game that I love before the best fans in the world and I promise to continue to do everything in my power to make you proud."

The Texans agreed to a deal with defensive end Antonio Smith on Wednesday. Smith has previously played for the Texans and is familiar with defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel's scheme.

The Texans' fifth-ranked defense features talented pass rushers with speed and power like Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney and stout run-stoppers in inside linebackers Brian Cushing and Benardrick McKinney along with nose tackle Vince Wilfork. However, no individual player comes close to approaching Watt's unique skill-set as an athletic 6-foot-5, 290-pounder capable of routinely bull-rushing through blockers or defeating them with his superior speed.

Watt, 27, managed only eight tackles and 1.5 sacks through three weeks this season. It was a significant drop-off from last season, when he recorded 17.5 sacks and three forced fumbles en route to his third Defensive Player of the Year honor. He also captured the award in 2012 and 2014, finishing with 20.5 sacks and four forced fumbles each year.

Watt, Houston's 2011 first-round pick (11th overall) out of Wisconsin, has 76 sacks, 15 forced fumbles and one interception in 83 games, all starts. He will miss the first game of his six-year NFL career on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.


Trump battles the beauty queen

Candidate takes to Twitter


Donald Trump quintuples down

Tweet: Clinton 'duped and used' by Machado

(CNN) - What does the Republican nominee for president do when he can't sleep?

Awake at 3 a.m. ET, Donald Trump picked up his phone and began tweeting about "made up lies" in the media.

Just two hours later, he opened up Twitter again and quickly went from venting to slandering a former beauty queen -- shaming her for a sex tape that does not exist.

Trump's conduct since the first debate has been astonishing for a major party nominee just 39 days away from the election. Instead of zeroing in on his strongest points from Monday night on jobs and trade, he's cited fake polls, resurfaced Bill Clinton's marital scandals from the 1990s, floated a conspiracy theory about Google searches and attacked 1996's Miss Universe.

And after Hillary Clinton raised allegations that Trump called 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping," Trump has kept that controversy alive by refusing to apologize, instead seeking to discredit Machado and justify his apparent comments and similar ones he made in interviews at the time.

The overnight tweeting spree once again brought into focus Trump's apparent unwillingness or inability to back away from a fight, regardless of who is attacking him. It's a habit that serves to keep the attention away from his core campaign message and also emphasizes Clinton's argument that Trump lacks the temperament to be president.

"By the way, who gets up at three o'clock in the morning to engage in a Twitter attack against the former Miss Universe?" Clinton asked supporters in Coral Springs, Florida. "I mean, he hurled as many insults as he could, really. Why does he do things like that?"

She added that the late-night rant was "unhinged" and proved he is "temperamentally unfit" for the Oval Office, a line of attack she's used before.

Trump defended himself via Twitter Friday afternoon.

"For those few people knocking me for tweeting at three o'clock in the morning, at least you know I will be there, awake, to answer the call!" he tweeted.

Asked by WZZM in Grand Rapids, Michigan, about his tweeting habits, Trump said he finds the medium "effective."

"It's one way you communicate whereas you know two years ago, five years ago, 20 years ago you wouldn't have this, but now it's a modern day way of communicating," he said Friday. "I find it very effective."

Asked Friday by CNN's Jake Tapper why Trump's phone hasn't been taken away from him, campaign surrogate Sarah Huckabee Sanders replied, "I don't think we're -- anybody's taking anybody's phone away."

Clinton called Machado Friday on her drive from her first event in Florida to the airport in Vero Beach, according to Nick Merrill, Clinton's spokesman. The call lasted around five minutes.

Clinton started by thanking Machado for all she has done and for the courage she has shown, Merrill said. Machado responded by saying that she supported Clinton for a long time and she will continue to support Clinton and I will continue to stand up to Trump.

It was reminiscent of Trump's rough and tumble month of August when he skirted numerous controversies and refused to back down after the Khans, parents of a Muslim US soldier who died in Iraq, criticized him for his Islamophobic rhetoric and policies.

Even as his top advisers urged him to abandon his feud with the Khans, Trump escalated it, suggesting Ghazala Khan, the mother, stood silently alongside her husband at the Democratic National Convention because she was subservient to her husband and comparing his own sacrifices to the family's loss of their son.

It's also become clear that Trump's supporters are less than thrilled with his decision to keep the Machado controversy alive.

Kellyanne Conway, the billionaire's campaign manager, said Thursday on "The View" that she reprimanded Trump for his comments on "Fox and Friends."

And Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, a CNN political commentator, rebuked Trump Friday morning for his overnight tweeting, saying, "I don't think Donald Trump needs to be doing that."

The controversy started when Clinton brought up Trump's comments and treatment of Machado at Monday's presidential debate. The next morning, Trump doubled down.

"You know, she gained a massive amount of weight (after winning Miss Universe) and it was a real problem. We had a real problem," Trump said on "Fox and Friends" the morning after the debate.

He defended himself similarly in an interview the next day with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.

As Machado did the media rounds and the Clinton campaign continued to attack Trump over his treatment of Machado, Trump apparently couldn't shake the hits. And that's when he pulled up Twitter in the wee hours of Friday morning, and began firing off.

"Wow, Crooked Hillary was duped and used by my worst Miss U. Hillary floated her as an 'angel' without checking her past, which is terrible!" he tweeted.

"Using Alicia M in the debate as a paragon of virture just shows taht Crooked Hillary suffers from BAD JUDGEMENT! Hillary was set up by a con," he continued at 5:19 a.m.

And finally, "Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in debate?"

Machado's past has come under intense scrutiny in recent days, including accusations from Trump's surrogates that she drove a getaway car from a murder scene in Venezuela in 1998, to which Machado replied on CNN this week that "I have my past" and that she is "no saint girl."

"He can say whatever he wants to say. I don't care. You know, I have my past, of course everybody has a past. And I'm no saint girl," Machado told CNN's Anderson Cooper Tuesday on "AC360." "But that is not the point now ... (Trump) was really rude with me, he tried to destroy my self esteem. And now I'm a voice in the Latin community. I'm in a great moment in my life and I have a very clear life. And I can show my taxes."

Tabloids and several conservative media outlets have also falsely claimed Machado starred in a sex tape. No such sex tape exists.

Supporters of the Republican nominee have argued since Trump's roller coaster month of August that he has evolved as a candidate: he shook up his campaign leadership and has faithfully stuck to delivering rally speeches from a teleprompter, minimizing the number of controversies he can stoke.

But late at night, with his campaign staff far from his side, Trump was free to follow his gut. And his gut told him to punch back at a former Miss Universe whom he allegedly once called "Miss Piggy" after she gained weight by calling her disgusting for starring in a non-existent sex tape.

And so that's what he did.


Strengthened Hurricane Matthew threatens Jamaica, Cuba

South Florida could be affected next week

(CNN) - Tropical Storm Matthew became a major hurricane Friday and threatens Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas as it begins its slow romp across the Caribbean.

The storm took on a Category 4 rating, which made it a major hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour.

"Many land areas are at least threatened by the system," said Rick Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center. "Hurricane hunters are going to be flying in and out of Matthew for days to come."

Knabb noted that south Florida could be threatened next week, but inhabitants had "the luxury of time," and he encouraged people to use it to prepare and buy supplies.

CNN Weather said it is still unclear whether Matthew will hit Florida, where weather models currently have it possibly scraping. But by late Sunday or Monday the dangerous storm should be approaching Jamaica, Haiti and eastern Cuba.

IBC Airways has canceled all flights to and from the American naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on Monday because of the approaching storm, the naval station announced via Twitter.

The storm was a Category 1 storm on Thursday. Early Friday it was re-categorized as a Category 3 storm, before ultimately being named a Category 4.

Jamaica Meteorological Service' Director Evan Thomas said he expected the storm to hit the island and said fishermen have been advised to evacuate from the cays and return to the mainland, the Jamaica Observer reported.


Polson High administration responds to students wearing inappropriate T-shirts

POLSON, Mont. - Statement from Superintendent Rex Weltz, Polson School District:

Thursday a few of our students took part in an inexcusable incident involving Homecoming activities. For many years, individual classes were assigned colors and competed to see how many students would dress in the assigned colors for the day (Senior Class – Black, Junior Class – White, Sophomore Class – Blue, Freshman Class – Green). This practice was called Color Wars.

Thursday, a few students used this Homecoming practice to wear offensive and inappropriate clothing to school. When staff members were made aware of the offensive and inappropriate clothing, they immediately took steps to remedy the situation.

Before the staff members were made aware of the offensive and inappropriate clothing and could take action, however, students chose on their own to post pictures to their personal social media and those pictures have circulated far past Polson. The Polson High School staff did not condone this conduct and addressed the incident with the students.

The Polson School District does not and will not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form toward any person. As a District, we are disappointed in the actions of those few students and will take appropriate action based on our policies and procedures, which may include discipline for the individual students.

We applaud the students who stood up against this conduct and will continue to educate all of our students about our policies and practices forbidding discrimination in any form.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to Superintendent Rex Weltz.


Tulsa police officer pleads not guilty in shooting death

Terence Crutcher's family in courtroom

(CNN) - Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby, charged with felony manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man earlier this month, appeared in court Friday and pleaded not guilty through an attorney.

According to CNN affiliate KTUL, the family of Terence Crutcher, the man killed by Shelby, was in the courtroom.

"Today was just the first step toward the justice that we want for Terence and his family, and we look forward to the next court hearing to continue to move forward in this process," attorney Demario Solomon-Simmons told the Tulsa-based station.

The case drew national attention after police released videos showing Crutcher walking on the road with his arms in the air before the shooting. He returned to his SUV, which was stopped in the middle of the road, and was next to the driver's door when he was shot.

No weapon was found.

The criminal complaint against Shelby said her "fear resulted in her unreasonable actions which led her to shooting" Crutcher, 40. She is accused of "unlawfully and unnecessarily" shooting him after he did not comply with her "lawful orders."

The incident was recorded on dashboard camera and from a police helicopter.

Scott Wood, an attorney representing Shelby, has said there's more to the story than the videos.

Days after the September 16 incident, Wood said Shelby thought Crutcher was retrieving a weapon from his car when she opened fire. She had yelled repeatedly that he should get down and stop walking, Wood said. But Crutcher kept going, placing his hands in his pockets, where she also feared there could be a weapon, Wood said.

A preliminary hearing date has been set for late November, the Tulsa County Clerk of Courts office said.

The possible penalty for conviction on first-degree manslaughter in Oklahoma is four years to life, according to Susan Witt, the spokeswoman for the district attorney's office.


Local Elections

Secretary of state calls for automatic voter registration

HELENA, Mont. - Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is asking state lawmakers to pass an automatic voter registration bill in the next legislative session.

Five states have passed laws or regulations that automatically register eligible citizens who have driver's licenses.

McCulloch says the measure would expand voter rolls and save the state money.

McCulloch proposed the measure Thursday during her first and last State of the Elections address.

The Democrat will leave office in January because of term limits.

She says Montana's elections are accurate, secure, accessible and transparent.

She also called for increased cooperation with the state Legislature.

Republican-led lawmakers have voted down measures such as online voter registration and tried unsuccessfully to get rid of same-day voter registration.


EU move brings landmark climate change treaty closer to reality

European Parliament votes next week

LONDON (CNN) - European Union ministers approved the ratification of the landmark Paris Agreement climate change deal Friday, bringing the treaty closer to coming into force.

The European Parliament must vote on the decision next week -- a formality -- for the treaty to be formally ratified by the 28-member bloc, the European Commission said.

Once that's done, each member state will go through its own ratification process. But European Commission spokeswoman Anna-Kaisa Itkonen told CNN that seven EU nations had already ratified the treaty and were aiming to deposit their papers simultaneously with the European Union, expected to happen next week.

India, the world's third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has said it will also formally join the Paris agreement Sunday.

The agreement will enter into force 30 days after at least 55 countries that account for at least 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions have ratified the Paris Agreement. It will then become much harder for countries to back out of it.

The first threshold has been passed, with 61 countries having ratified the deal, according to the United Nations.

Together they account for 47.8% of global emissions, falling just over 7% short of the total needed.

That threshold, however, could be passed next week if the ratifications go ahead as foreseen, perhaps joined by that of Canada, another big carbon emitter.

The United States and China -- the world's largest carbon polluters -- each ratified the treaty this month when President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping submitted their nations' plans to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in China.

"The pace and the scale and the momentum with which the Paris Agreement is rapidly reaching entry into force is an extraordinary signal of the political determination of nations to meet their climate change commitments," Nick Nuttall, spokesman for the UN climate convention, told CNN.

"The next week is going to be very a crucial period where it is possible that we may see the emissions threshold of 55% being achieved, and that would lead to a 30-day countdown for the Paris Agreement coming into force."

The accord, adopted by 196 parties in Paris in December, limits average global warming to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial temperatures and strives for a limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) if possible.

"I am happy to see that today the member states decided to make history together and bring closer the entry into force of the first ever universally binding climate change agreement," European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said.

"We must and we can hand over to future generations a world that is more stable, a healthier planet, fairer societies and more prosperous economies.

"This is not a dream. This is a reality, and it is within our reach. Today we are closer to it."

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, also hailed the move on Twitter, saying all the EU member states had agreed to approve the ratification process by the bloc before their own governments had individually ratified the treaty.

Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Ca??ete said the EU had taken a "giant leap forward" toward ratification and was "showing global leadership on climate action."

The seven EU nations expected to deposit their ratification papers with the United Nations next week are France, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Malta and Portugal, said Itkonen, the European Commission spokeswoman.

Climate change has also factored as an issue in the US presidential race, with Hillary Clinton seeking to win over voters perturbed by Donald Trump's rejection of climate science.


Debate commission: Trump had audio 'issues'

Commission releases one-sentence statement

WASHINGTON (CNN) - The Commission on Presidential Debates revealed in a one-sentence statement Friday that Donald Trump's audio was impacted earlier in the week.

"Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump's audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall," the commission said in a statement. No other details were immediately made available.

The statement provided no evidence that the audio issue affected the television audience of more than 80 million people.

Trump complained earlier in the week that his microphone wasn't functioning properly at Monday's debate.

"And they also had, gave me a defective mic. Did you notice that? My mic was defective within the room," he told a group of reporters afterward. "No, but I wonder, was that on purpose? Was that on purpose? But I had a mic that wasn't worked properly, with, working properly within the room."

Friday's statement, however, said nothing about a microphone problem.

Trump's Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, mocked Trump the day after the debate for complaining about his mic.

"Anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night," Clinton told reporters.


Weather News

Cooler weather this weekend

A cold front will usher cooler air into western Montana this weekend. Partly cloudy with a few showers Friday night, mainly early and across southwest areas around Butte and Bozeman. Lows in the 40s to around 50.

More showers are possible Saturday, mainly in the morning around Missoula and Kalispell and in the afternoon around Butte and Bozeman. Highs in the 60s west of the divide and lower 70s east of the divide.

Sunday the showers will be mainly from the Bitterroot Valley east to the Butte and Bozeman areas. Highs in the upper 50s and 60s.

Unsettled weather will continue next week along with cooler than normal temperatures. Highs in the 50s to lower 60s.