Senator Jon Tester made a stop at Missoula's YWCA during his visit to the Garden City, Friday. He talked with them about the programs and facilities they offer, and the federal funding they need to make sure those programs can operate.

Tester provided some ideas for the non-profit to continue to get support from the government.

YWCA staff said the funding is crucial.

?If we didn't have the federal funding certainly there would be homeless families on the streets even in the winter. We wouldn't have nearly as many services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and we wouldn't have some of our crucial programs,? said Cyndy Weese

40% of their overall budget comes from federal grants. Of that money 50% funds their shelter programs. They offer temporary housing for homeless mothers and their children.

They say there are typically between 4 and 13 people on a wait list for the housing, without funding that number would increase.