Police say one person is dead after a crash on Hillview Way, and three people are injured. Victims' family members say that at least one person has been flown to Seattle for medical treatment.

About eight hours after the tragic accident, tow trucks pulled the mangled car up the side of the hill.

Investigation markers show the vehicle drove across Hillview, struck a sign, and went down the embankment. Highway Patrol Troopers say it appears the car was going at least 80 mph.

Police say four men ranging in age from 20 to 26-years-old were in the vehicle, and all ejected. One of them died on the scene, the other 3 were transported to the hospital.

Sources close to one of the victims, 21-year-old, Nick Platz, say he was flown to Seattle's Harbor View, for treatment. Through Platz's facebook page, we found the name of the man who apparently died in the crash, 20-year-old Jason McDonald from Frenchtown.

Police blocked off Hillview Way, from Alliance Way to 23rd Street into the afternoon to continue the investigation.

NBC Montana will keep you updated on the story.

Anyone with any information related to the accident is asked to contact Detective Chris Shermer at 552-6296.