BOZEMAN, Mont. -

United Needs is a global organization that connects people in need with those who can provide help. With big connections to Montana, they plan to create a global trading platform to help people in need.

Jason Blair founded United Needs to make a direct connection between people in need and the people and organizations that can help.

"I think it's about fulfilling one need at a time and then our mission is to fill the next need and then the next need," he said.

"There needs to be a platform that can connect everybody to one single crisis or one cause," filmmaker Kina Pickett claimed.

His website makes it possible for corporations and contributors to connect to groups and organizations on the ground during disasters and emergencies.

"It seems to me after documenting in Haiti that there's much better ways of getting food, water and medical equipment to the personnel on the ground level," Pickett noted.

"Because if not, it's all separated and nothing really works, it doesn't flow," documentary filmmaker Matt Arkans said.

United Needs is different in that it allows people to directly help out those in need rather than donating money or goods and not knowing where it ends up. They take advantage of social networking and technology to contact people in real-time.

"The corporate non-profits designed to address such needs spend 85% of their donations on overhead, rather than spending it where its needed most," a narrator points out in a United Needs promotional video.

"You could literally get push alerts on your phone where you can, all of the sudden it says: hey, fifty people are needed over here to remove rubble from this area, you know, we need people to direct traffic over here, we need people to go and unload a truck that's delivering water to a village," Pickett said, "this platform will actually help people communicate on all different levels."

Blair, a Montana native, says his organization realizes that to become a global one they have to start in their own backyard.

"We're so incredibly blessed to have Montana supporters, Montana people behind what we're doing," he said from a think-tank session held at Chisel Industries in Bozeman, "this community is so different than any other community we've experienced because they're socially minded companies and socially minded people who are willing to contribute."

He says United Needs makes it clear help goes directly to the people who need it most.

"We can identify needs, we can identify missionaries in the world that are willing to actually stand up and help in that need and then we can link with corporate dollars to make that need successful," Blair said.

Jason is an accredited Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) delegate representative of the Pan American-Pan African Association (Pa/Pa) in consultive status with the Economic and Social Counsel (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. Jason also serves as a United States representative to The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO) and continues to contribute to the United Nations Global Compact sustainable and financial development committees.