Washington-Grizzly Stadium added to its list of perks with the installation of stadium lights. After four days of work, the eight large light posts went up today.

How many workers does it take to change a light bulb? Quite a few when there are 200 bulbs.

?It?s pretty amazing actually, they've got it down to a science,? said the Grizzly Athletic Department?s Chuck Maes.

While they may be standing tall now, putting them together was no small task. It took four workers about three hours just put one pole together. Take that times the eight posts and you've got a full 24 hour day's worth of work.

?It's time consuming, but they've really got it down to where they can do this a lot faster than probably most companies could ever dream of doing it,? said Maes.

Maes said the addition of stadium lights, brings lots of new opportunities to the field. ?It puts us out there where we can have night games, we can bring ESPN in or any national broadcasting company, and give them quality lighting so they can put on a good show.?

They'll put on their first show Saturday April 14th, during their spring scrimmage game that will be played under the lights. Maes said it will shine a little light on more than the field.

?It's a great time to support the football team let them know that we're still behind them...we all love our Griz and will be there no matter what,? he said.

They hope to fire up the 200 bulbs next Wednesday for a test run.

The scrimmage kicks off at 6 pm Saturday the 14th. For more information on the event click here.