University of Montana officials says they were blind-sided by a sexual discrimination complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education.

The complaint was filed January 11, 2012. Right now, the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights is evaluating the allegations.

The complaint alleges harassment and a hostile workplace environment created by the football team. A good portion of the information has been redacted from the complaint NBC Montana has, because the Office for Civil Rights says the information could negatively affect any possible future investigation.

The complaint lists the University of Montana, the Grizzly football team, President Royce Engstrom, and Former President George Dennison. It also lists an athletic director and a football coach though, their names were redacted.

University of Montana, and Montana University System (MUS) officials told NBC Montana Thursday, they hadn't heard of the complaint until yesterday.

?Neither the University of Montana nor the Office of the Commissioner for Higher Education has received any notice or contact from the Education Department,? said the MUS Associate Director of Higher Education Kevin McRae. ?If the University or the University System receives notice we will be prepared to work with the Federal Civil Rights Office in whatever matter they request or require of us," he said.

One question on the complaint asks the filer if they tried to resolve the complaint through UM's process. They answered yes, and go on to say they were told the football team would be "trained."

It?s up to the Office for Civil Rights to decide whether to investigate. If they decide to investigate, they?ll notify UM.

To read the complaint, with the redacted information, click here.