It was just a normal day of practice back in 2009 when Three Forks High varsity football player Michael Rouchleau collided with a teammate.

They knocked heads, and were knocked out.

"Both suffered a concussion, they were both taken out of play by their doctors" Rouchleau family attorney Michael Sand said.

Sand said the doctor instructed Michael to stay away from practice for four days, and not to engage in any contact activities for seven.

"That instruction was relayed to the coaches at Three Forks High School" Sand said.

But apparently the coaches didn't obey.

"Michael was returned to play before he should have been" Sand said, of what allegedly happened instead.

Court documents say six days into the doctor's order, football coaches put Michael back on the field to run a few plays.

During one of the practice plays, Michael was tackled by a linebacker and knocked out, reports say.

His mother said she later took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with another concussion.

Michael would never fully recover.

"He does have significant symptoms- a lot of those symptoms involve headaches, concentration, pace, persistence, the ability to stay on task for long-terms" Sand said, listing a few of several things that became different about Michael.

Michaels parents also said he suffered seizures, memory loss and vision impairment- all symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

High school coaches could have done more to prevent the injuries, Sand said.

"We fault the school district as a whole" he said. "We feel that there was an institutional error that allowed Michael to be returned to play before he should have."

NBC Montana tried to reach the school district's attorney David Dalthorp. While he did not return calls, Sand said Dalthorp is arguing that Michael returned to practice without the coach's knowledge.

"Their position was the coaches did not tell him to take part in a play, and he did without their knowledge or permission" Sand said.

The family will leave the final decision up to a jury. Sand said they expect that trial to take place sometime in the next 18 months.