BUTTE, Mont. -

Thousands flocked to uptown Butte for the annual St. Patrick?s Day parade.

The parade began at 11 a.m. Sat. and started and ended at Emma Park on Mercury St.

According to Linda Redern, vendor coordinator for Butte Celebrations, said the parade had over 100 entries, thus making it one of the largest in Butte history.

"Because it?s on the weekend and a political year it made everything so much bigger than normal," Redfern said.

The election year did make the parade politically charged.

Several local government candidates and officials participated in the parade.

Butte locals and folks visiting from out of town seemed to be happy with the overall turnout.

?I liked it all. I can't believe how long it was. The longest one I've seen I think,? Butte local, Dianna Rinaldi said.

Butte celebrations put on the parade and said the parade is funded by donations.

Volunteers went around collecting donations throughout the parade.

Butte celebrations officials said this year was very good for donations.

The parade lasted an hour and a half.

Afterwards folks crowded the streets to continue celebrating the holiday.

"I?m planning on having a great time afterwards, meeting new people and just having a good time," Rinaldi said.