BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Bozeman School District held round two of superintendent candidate interviews Wednesday, and this time it was the Bozeman High School principal's turn in the spotlight.

Rob Watson met with members of the public during an afternoon meet and greet. He's the last of the three candidates to go through the interview process.

On Tuesday, Senior Advisor Jim Warford with the International Center for Leadership and Education, and Billings Assistant Superintendent Josh Middleton interviewed.

Watson said he's excited for the opportunity, and he hopes to make a difference in Bozeman school kids beyond the high school.

"I feel like I will be able to make a difference on a larger scale than just the high school level," he said. "So I'm interested because I think it presents a unique opportunity for me to improve my skills and help the Bozeman community."

Watson will also go before the Bozeman School Board trustees in a round-table interview.

A community responder panel will be sitting in, taking notes on their impressions. The panel, made up of parents, businesses and school reps, will give feedback to trustees.

The school board is expected to choose the new superintendent at a meeting on May 29th.