BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Bozeman School District is looking at giving teachers a two-percent pay increase.

Steve Johnson, the Bozeman Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations, said they were able to make some fairly quick, easy negotiations with the teachers' union.

Both sides agreed teachers needed the extra money. It came down to determining how much extra the school was willing to give.

"We didn't flat-out accept their original request," Johnson said. "We did negotiate a little bit. But that's where we settled in at, was on the two percent."

He said they're proposing increasing the base pay by two percent, to just over $36,000.

"That was right in the neighborhood of what we had budgeted," Johnson said.

From there, Johnson said, teachers making more than base pay would have their salaries incrementally increased.

For some teachers that incremental increase would mean more than a two-percent raise. However Johnson said raises wouldn't rise above three percent.

The two-percent agreement is tentative until the teachers' union votes on the issue this week. It goes in front of school board trustees next week.